FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact about a missing person?: Contact jimbowers@foothill.net, call (916) 521*4489 or leave a message on our Facebook member page.

What does SWARM stand for?: Search With Aerial Rc Multi Rotor

What is SWARM?: This organization is a worldwide network of multi-rotor and fixed wing FPV (first person view) RC Pilots that individually volunteer their time to assist in the search and rescue of missing persons around the world.

How many members does SWARM have on its roster?: As of May 2014, we have over 1000 members in 42 different countries.

What are the costs of a search request?: SWARM is an all volunteer network of Drone Pilots. There are no costs to the SAR organizations or families of missing persons. Volunteer Drone Pilots incur all expenses.


Can I join the SWARM network?: Anyone can join SWARM that is an experienced RC Pilot with FPV capability. Go to our Facebook Page and click Join or send an email inquiry to jimbowers@sardrones.org

What gear do I need to join your network of volunteers?: A Radio Controlled  multi-rotor UAV or a fixed wing aircraft with a video camera onboard. FPV is preferred but not required to join. Members working to install FPV are welcome to join. Other equipment that is helpful in SAR but not a necessity is OSD (on screen display information) or Telemetry, GPS Tracking, Head Tracking, Gimbal and the ability to record in-flight video or stills. We continually look for ways to improve our equipment and skills.

How long has SWARM been around?: SWARM at SarDrones.org was conceived in December of 2013 and inspired by the search for Eric Garcia, a missing Colfax California man. Click here for story.



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